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Parka\shoes Ebay 
 leggins Camaieu
 bag Next 
glasses Orsay

41 komentárov:

charmeuse at: 26. februára 2013, 12:52 povedal(a)...

love your bag! *,*

shayla. at: 26. februára 2013, 14:40 povedal(a)...

your pants are amazing! :)

Jacki at: 26. februára 2013, 14:57 povedal(a)...

you've the cutest nails (;

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Melissa Cuentas at: 26. februára 2013, 18:27 povedal(a)...

Great outfit! Love it and your nails are so pretty. :-)

Big kisses!

Mary at: 26. februára 2013, 20:25 povedal(a)...

amazing bag, really! :))

Tori at: 27. februára 2013, 0:02 povedal(a)...

That parka is superb! :)
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Levi (tlnique) at: 27. februára 2013, 6:57 povedal(a)...

Love this look and your nails are so cool!! :)

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Maddie at: 27. februára 2013, 11:36 povedal(a)...

Such a great outfit! Love the earthy tones you used!

Sausan Hanifah at: 27. februára 2013, 16:35 povedal(a)...

It's really inspiring blog! Love at the first sight <3

Wanna follow each other with GFC? Please let me know :)

Unknown at: 27. februára 2013, 16:51 povedal(a)...

Love the shoes!

I am following you now on GFC! Hope you follow me back :)

Crazy for fashion at: 27. februára 2013, 17:59 povedal(a)...

I so love your scarf and parka! <3<3

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Style Search at: 27. februára 2013, 20:33 povedal(a)...

thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! i like your blog a lot and following you now! i will be glad to see you too among my readers!

And Kate at: 27. februára 2013, 22:19 povedal(a)...

Love your style - so unique!
You are absolutely beautiful <3

Would you like to follow each other via bloglovin' and GFC?
If so let me know and I'll follow you right back :)

Have a wonderful evening,
Much Love,
Kate xo

charmeuse at: 27. februára 2013, 22:30 povedal(a)...

thx for visiting me, I already followed you ;)

And Kate at: 27. februára 2013, 22:41 povedal(a)...

I'm following you back chick!
Thanks for your lovely comment,
Lots of love;
Kate xo

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Jennifer Fabulous at: 27. februára 2013, 23:30 povedal(a)...

Such an adorable outfit! I love your curly hair!

Creme de la Chic at: 28. februára 2013, 4:07 povedal(a)...

Love your hair and that scarf is magnificent (;

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Unknown at: 28. februára 2013, 10:07 povedal(a)...

I loved those comfy..

Aleksandra at: 28. februára 2013, 15:16 povedal(a)...

Lovely parka!

Redischic at: 28. februára 2013, 16:26 povedal(a)...

Nice look!

Yuli Conversations at: 28. februára 2013, 18:00 povedal(a)...

Love your army inspired jacket!
Hey doll!
Wondering if you would like to follow each other? :)
Please let me know! I work from home so i follow back right away.

Yuli Conversations at: 28. februára 2013, 19:29 povedal(a)...

Thank you darling! Followed back :)

Anonymný at: 28. februára 2013, 19:36 povedal(a)...

lovely look :) very chic...

Unknown at: 28. februára 2013, 22:21 povedal(a)...

Love your shoes and the leggings look amazing!

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Would you like to follow each other? Lemme know..

Vale ♥ at: 1. marca 2013, 0:06 povedal(a)...

Love your parka, so pretty =)

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Meilina Utomo at: 1. marca 2013, 4:23 povedal(a)...

Loving these lovely pictures :)


Romina at: 1. marca 2013, 9:46 povedal(a)...

In love with the parka... Soo beautiful!
If you want we can follow each other, let me know if you like this idea :)

Unknown at: 1. marca 2013, 14:19 povedal(a)...

Hey, great blog dear! Wanna follow each other? check my blog and let me know! I would love it!

Rosalinda Tjioe at: 1. marca 2013, 14:43 povedal(a)...

Majorly in love with that parka! xx

Aya at: 1. marca 2013, 17:18 povedal(a)...

Love your scarf and leggings! You look so warm and comfortable. xo

Unknown at: 1. marca 2013, 20:14 povedal(a)...

Following back!

Unknown at: 1. marca 2013, 20:52 povedal(a)...

Thanks for the follow dear...following you now :)


Unknown at: 2. marca 2013, 3:35 povedal(a)...

great outfit dear!!!
follow u back via gfc!


Bernadette Czle at: 2. marca 2013, 5:26 povedal(a)...

love your bag xx

Unknown at: 2. marca 2013, 10:04 povedal(a)...

Perfekt LOOK

I follow you now! and I will wait for you :)

KickyJane at: 2. marca 2013, 14:35 povedal(a)...

You look so great!
Follow your blog by GFC, hope, you’ll follow me back)

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Simona at: 2. marca 2013, 15:51 povedal(a)...

Jeej, vyzeráš super :)
a ďakujem, si zlatá

dk-worldoffashion at: 2. marca 2013, 17:39 povedal(a)...

I Love your parka. Nice blog - do you want to follow each other? Let ne know. :)
Best wishes from Austria DK

Unknown at: 7. marca 2013, 0:03 povedal(a)...

Hi! thank for your comment on my blog. Nice outfit!

Unknown at: 9. apríla 2013, 22:37 povedal(a)...

I follow you now :) follow back?


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