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Run out of inspiration

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V poslednej dobe som úplne bez inšpirácie. Mám pocit, že všetko čo si oblečiem je fádne, nudné a bez nápadu. Asi za to môže toto pochmúrne novembrové počasie. Dúfam, že ma to rýchlo prejde.
Najnovšie čerpám inšpiráciu tu, perfektný blog. Vrelo odporúčam!
Aj vám niekedy chýba inšpirácia?

I´m without inspiration in last few days. I feel everything what I wear is boring and without idea. Probably it is because of this rainy november weather. I hope this time will pass fast and i will have again inspiration.  
I found perfect blog (here) where i can find nice idea what to wear. I recommend!
Do you miss sometimes inspiration as well?

sweater H&M
pants Reserved
shoes Humanic
bag Next

26 komentárov:

Maja K at: 12. novembra 2013, 20:05 povedal(a)...

Such a unique handbag. And I like the edges of your sleeves (it must be pretty awesome shirt under the jumper) :)
If you'd like to follow each other (gfc, bloglovin), just let me know :) xx


Anonymný at: 12. novembra 2013, 20:55 povedal(a)...

Nice autumn look :)
Kisses, Mrs Vain

awhite at: 12. novembra 2013, 21:03 povedal(a)...

I hate it when I get writer's block. It's the worst!

I love the classic navy sweater on you. :)


Maja K at: 12. novembra 2013, 21:17 povedal(a)...

^^Thanks for quick reply. Indeed, we follow each other on gfc already. I follow back via bloglovin #63. Keep in touch :) xx

Venoma at: 13. novembra 2013, 2:47 povedal(a)...

Nice sweater!
Check out my latest posts on Venoma's fashion diary :)
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Bernadette Czle at: 13. novembra 2013, 4:35 povedal(a)...

love your boots! xx

Rupa at: 13. novembra 2013, 6:13 povedal(a)...

Hi dear..Thanks a lot for your comments on my blog. Loving your blog. Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

2minutos at: 13. novembra 2013, 7:54 povedal(a)...

Love your cute sweater, dear!

Cristina - The froggie touch at: 13. novembra 2013, 11:05 povedal(a)...

Lovely boots, I don't know that shop!

Reneta Kanevska at: 13. novembra 2013, 12:39 povedal(a)...

I am already following you dear - Reneta Kanevska! It is your turn! I wish you a lot of success! xx

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Andrea Brito at: 13. novembra 2013, 17:01 povedal(a)...

Thanks dear! I love your bag! <3

Imke Db at: 13. novembra 2013, 22:06 povedal(a)...

I sometimes have the same problem so you're not along! Love this sweater!

XO Imke

What Kenny Hearts at: 13. novembra 2013, 23:17 povedal(a)...

Great post! I love the outfit dear! As always everything looks so lovely from top to bottom.

What Kenny Hearts a Lifestyle Blog

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- Instagram @whatkennyhearts

LifeIsHowWeDoIt at: 14. novembra 2013, 0:29 povedal(a)...

Hey :-)
Your blog is so cool (♥‿♥) ! I love it so much !
Maybe you're interested in following each other with Google Friend Connect? 웃 유
I would be extremely happy about ᵧₒᵤ as my follower !!
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Sonia De Macedo at: 14. novembra 2013, 3:11 povedal(a)...

Aww hope you get your fashion inspiration back lovely


Malinina at: 14. novembra 2013, 11:56 povedal(a)...

Beautiful sweater! You have a nice smile)

Stella at: 14. novembra 2013, 15:05 povedal(a)...

I don't find your outfit boring but casual and comfy.
Yes, I would like to follow each other. Followed you on GFC.
Stella from a A Shiny Place

Miss Top Ten Image at: 14. novembra 2013, 19:17 povedal(a)...

I'ts also happened to me darling! It's usual between bloggers. Don't worry. It will eventually pass.

Annalisa Masella at: 14. novembra 2013, 19:20 povedal(a)...

Nice look dear! I love your bag!
Visit my last post if you like!
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Carolina Garcia Ipser at: 15. novembra 2013, 11:24 povedal(a)...

Great look! Love your booties and bag!!!
A big kiss,

Faty&Sury at: 15. novembra 2013, 12:22 povedal(a)...

Really nice look!:)

Malinina at: 15. novembra 2013, 19:10 povedal(a)...

Yes, follow you)

LoveT. at: 15. novembra 2013, 23:08 povedal(a)...

Looks great! Love the Bag :)


LifeIsHowWeDoIt at: 15. novembra 2013, 23:39 povedal(a)...

I am following you btw, hope you can follow me back soon <3
Your blog is great & you're really pretty. :*
░░▒▓███► LifeIsHowWeDoIt / Blog ♛

Lady parisienne at: 16. novembra 2013, 16:12 povedal(a)...

very nice look I love your boots and your bag!

Arienai at: 16. novembra 2013, 19:12 povedal(a)...

You look great!:) I am following you on GFC:) 455:) Maybe you're interested in following each other ? My blog:

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