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Horses on my dress

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coat Second Hand
bag Ebay
shoes Zara

26 komentárov:

Lenya at: 4. novembra 2013, 23:13 povedal(a)...

This is so adorable and pretty!! The jacket is gorgeous!!! You look great.

Sarah Lewis at: 4. novembra 2013, 23:16 povedal(a)...

I love your look ! Especially the color of your dress !!

Hope you can come see my latest post :D


Sonia De Macedo at: 5. novembra 2013, 2:22 povedal(a)...

That print is so cute!


Darcy at: 5. novembra 2013, 3:43 povedal(a)...

I love that coat! So pretty!

Aleena at: 5. novembra 2013, 6:19 povedal(a)...

I love ur blog! would you like to follow each other?
following you now

Yuliya ♥ at: 5. novembra 2013, 8:15 povedal(a)...

ton sac ♥

Jenychooz at: 5. novembra 2013, 10:41 povedal(a)...

Your dress is amazing, i love this print so cute <3
Kiss Jeny

Martha Lozano at: 5. novembra 2013, 12:05 povedal(a)...

Ohh! cute! <3


siça ramos at: 5. novembra 2013, 13:44 povedal(a)...

Agora e moda e acho encantadora deixa o look mais despojado <3

Kate at: 5. novembra 2013, 13:55 povedal(a)...

Such a nice look, I love your skirt!

Jess at: 5. novembra 2013, 15:01 povedal(a)...

Cute outfit! Beautiful dress! =)
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!


Ester Ka at: 5. novembra 2013, 17:57 povedal(a)...

Great Set!

If you want, you can check my blog:


awhite at: 5. novembra 2013, 18:56 povedal(a)...

Great look, doll! Love the wedge booties!


Elena at: 5. novembra 2013, 19:18 povedal(a)...

I love your dress!
And I really like your blog, so I'm following you now.

lifeINblond at: 5. novembra 2013, 19:20 povedal(a)...

Great jacket and bag! I love classic clothes :)
Kisses :*

Jess at: 5. novembra 2013, 19:28 povedal(a)...

I followed you on GFC, check it out! =)

Aagnieszkax at: 5. novembra 2013, 22:12 povedal(a)...

Great dress :)

Tina Stefanovic at: 6. novembra 2013, 0:11 povedal(a)...

Such an inspirational post! I enjoyed reading it :) I love your blog, too!
Would you like to follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin? If you would, just follow me and leave a comment on my blog, so that I can follow you back :)

Tina from the Style Sinners
Twitter - @TinaStefanovic
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Delia. at: 6. novembra 2013, 9:58 povedal(a)...

beautiful jacket, it looks good on you

Federica Di Nardo at: 6. novembra 2013, 10:15 povedal(a)...

Lovely dress :)


NereeaLoves at: 6. novembra 2013, 10:24 povedal(a)...

You look like the actress Troian Bellisario!! :)
NL. <3

getcarriedaway at: 6. novembra 2013, 13:39 povedal(a)...

great outfit, love your dress!
happy day!


Kate at: 6. novembra 2013, 13:40 povedal(a)...

Of course !

I'm following you, waiting for you now ♥

Ileana at: 6. novembra 2013, 16:11 povedal(a)...

Love the carrousel horses adorable! :D



Lady parisienne at: 6. novembra 2013, 20:54 povedal(a)...

oh your dress is very pretty!

Sara at: 6. novembra 2013, 21:07 povedal(a)...

So cute!

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