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Summer Romance

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dress One Republic
bag\bracelet Primark
shoes Pimkie

35 komentárov:

CafféFashion at: 16. septembra 2011, 20:59 povedal(a)...

you look beautiful in that dress+and outfit!

Ellen at: 16. septembra 2011, 21:14 povedal(a)...

I love your look!!

Brigita at: 16. septembra 2011, 21:31 povedal(a)...

Really want that sun you are having! But there can't be nothing better than winter. ;)
Love your look.

Thanks for your kind comment (:
Come see me again, I have something new for you!
xx Brigita

Unknown at: 16. septembra 2011, 23:01 povedal(a)...

Lovely dress...:)

tdw at: 16. septembra 2011, 23:44 povedal(a)...

Thank you for visiting us :)
We love your dress and also your bag ! xoxo

Olivia & Mariam

Unknown at: 17. septembra 2011, 0:17 povedal(a)...

You look so pretty in your dress and your bag is amazing.

Following you back :)

Unknown at: 17. septembra 2011, 1:35 povedal(a)...

love your dress and miss summer :(

Love, Julia

Alexandria at: 17. septembra 2011, 2:27 povedal(a)...

cute dress, and the bag and the dress compliments each other so well.

I am following you now as well :)

Unknown at: 17. septembra 2011, 6:18 povedal(a)...


Ana G at: 17. septembra 2011, 10:07 povedal(a)...

Did you take out your dress for the last picture? hahahahaha. Nice dress, the bag is pretty as well, shoes too.Besos!

mariajustjernov at: 17. septembra 2011, 11:30 povedal(a)...

Thats such a pretty dress!

Maria Jernov

Marzipan at: 17. septembra 2011, 15:16 povedal(a)...

Love your look!!

Cylia at: 17. septembra 2011, 16:22 povedal(a)...

that's a beautiful dress on you:)!

Lei at: 17. septembra 2011, 18:21 povedal(a)...

I love your flowy dress, so comfy and pretty! Also your bag, it's cute satchel!

Following you now!

SandM at: 17. septembra 2011, 18:45 povedal(a)...

Nice, girly outfit.
Love the dress!
Take care x <3

Wiola at: 17. septembra 2011, 19:09 povedal(a)...

Thank you for visiting my blog Dear-means a lot!
Love your summer chic look, xoxox

Juliette at: 17. septembra 2011, 22:32 povedal(a)...

You've got a lovely dress!

loubehr at: 18. septembra 2011, 0:45 povedal(a)...

so cute !!!!!!! I love ur little dress !!!

Great blog ! and thanks for your comment :)

Cecylia at: 18. septembra 2011, 4:00 povedal(a)...

your floral dress is so pretty!! Love it!
Come follow my blog sweetness :)

Unknown at: 18. septembra 2011, 14:10 povedal(a)...

Thanks for the comment! Love the dress:)

Nikol at: 18. septembra 2011, 23:37 povedal(a)...

moc ti to sluší..ta kabelka je dokonalá =)

Sarah at: 19. septembra 2011, 0:06 povedal(a)...

Your dress is beautiful!

Dont forget to enter my $100 Nordstrom gift card + Nars polish giveaway

Unknown at: 19. septembra 2011, 0:45 povedal(a)...

Hi!!! Thank you for the visit! Folling you ;-) Grat pics!

t at: 19. septembra 2011, 3:35 povedal(a)...

Cute dress!

Anonymný at: 19. septembra 2011, 16:15 povedal(a)...

Awww what a cutte Outfit! I love the dress : )

Check out our blog, please:

Anonymný at: 19. septembra 2011, 20:03 povedal(a)...

Thanks for your nice comment and for visiting our blog, : )

Would you mind following us? We'll sure follow you back. ; )

OUTFITdeluxe! By Isabel at: 19. septembra 2011, 20:09 povedal(a)...

So cool!!

Anonymný at: 19. septembra 2011, 20:29 povedal(a)...

Thanks you so much! : ) We just followed you back.


Unknown at: 19. septembra 2011, 21:53 povedal(a)...

Beautiful dress and love your hair doll.

Thx for your comment on my blog and would love to follow each other if you like. Hope to hear from you soon.

<3 Marina

Anonymný at: 20. septembra 2011, 7:49 povedal(a)...

That's such a wonderfully whimsical dress.

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

making a marque

geenafashion at: 20. septembra 2011, 10:46 povedal(a)...

thankyou for your comment
come back to visit and follow my blog
and i will do the same

Kate L. at: 20. septembra 2011, 11:52 povedal(a)...

The dress is adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

Fashion Cat

Beatriz Puppo Amo at: 22. septembra 2011, 12:40 povedal(a)...

LOVE IT !!! beautiful dress !!

xxxxx :)

StyleIDnet at: 22. septembra 2011, 18:13 povedal(a)...

Sweet dress, you look very cute.

seszen at: 10. októbra 2011, 15:21 povedal(a)...

you have beautiful hair

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