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Italy #3 Verona

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Dress Croptown
Belt Stradivarius
Bag Primark
Shoes Topshop

17 komentárov:

Mela D. at: 22. septembra 2013, 14:49 povedal(a)...

Beautiful photos dear! I love your bag. :)
Do you want us to follow each other? Let me know!

xx, Mela

Maria Flicka at: 22. septembra 2013, 16:25 povedal(a)...

You look so pretty, and your outfit is beyond cute and adorable! Thank you so much for checking it out again and for following! I'm following you back now on ”GFC” :)
Unfortunately you haven't "google+" or “bloglovin”, but if you decide to add one of them or both on your blog, please let me know, and we can follow each other there as well, it's an easier way to keep in touch<3
Hope you have a fabulous day ahead, and a happy week <3


"Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

Kat at: 22. septembra 2013, 19:30 povedal(a)...

wow you look so beautiful!! i loveeee your dress :)

Mafalda at: 22. septembra 2013, 21:33 povedal(a)...

Lovely outfit, you look great!
Thanks for your visit, I'm following you now!
Mafalda ❤

exality at: 23. septembra 2013, 10:36 povedal(a)...

so cool! maybe we can follow each other? let me know! <3

Bernadette Czle at: 23. septembra 2013, 11:37 povedal(a)...

such a lovely dress! xx

Blond Yasmin at: 23. septembra 2013, 16:26 povedal(a)...

You look gorgous :)
Would you like to follow each other on Facebook and GFC? If yes, follow me and I followed you back, OK? Let me know :)
Kisses :* :)

Elmedina Tiric at: 23. septembra 2013, 18:10 povedal(a)...

Nice dress<3

nicoleta buru at: 24. septembra 2013, 1:04 povedal(a)...

Awww, this is adorable, love *_*

Many hugs,


Danielle at: 24. septembra 2013, 1:08 povedal(a)...

great look!


Jana at: 24. septembra 2013, 10:53 povedal(a)...

cute dress!


Leather Jackets Online at: 24. septembra 2013, 12:14 povedal(a)...

lovely dress.! you look so cute :)

Dianne Tho at: 24. septembra 2013, 15:43 povedal(a)...

u're so cute and taht dress is so fresh and nice. what do you think about following each other? i just discovered your blog and i really like it
just let me know. xoxo

Michelle Lee at: 24. septembra 2013, 17:54 povedal(a)...

great outfit!

ritzz at: 24. septembra 2013, 19:46 povedal(a)...

beautiful dress!

khong lim at: 25. septembra 2013, 9:05 povedal(a)...

Nice dress!! You look so good!!

Henna Rios at: 25. septembra 2013, 21:49 povedal(a)...

I went to Florence last year and it was amazing! I love your photos and your outfits. I was wondering whether you wanted to follow each other, I now follow you on GFC and Bloglovin :)

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